I must apologize to those who are waiting for me to complete The Birds in Peril Series

During the spring of 2016 I suffered a serious health scare.  Even though, physically, everything is back on track, the experience caused months of a massive writers' block.  I'm back to writing now but this series has a long way to go before it reaches publishable completion. It may seem strange--it certainly does to me--that 'when my muse returned' Eagle was not the foremost thought in my mind.  Sweet Pea was.  Suddenly Sweet Pea began to click so I went with the 'muse call' and worked and published Sweet Pea first.

It has been very difficult getting back into the Birds Series.  I do not understand why. So please bear with me and know that I am so grateful for your patience.  

I do hope you enjoy the Sweet Pea Trilogy as well as you have enjoyed and will continue to enjoy the 'Bird Series'.

The stories described below will be published in the near future.  At this time I am uncertain in which order as I am working on both of them simultaneously.

The Sweet Pea Story is totally separate from the Birds in Peril Series.

Current Works in Progress

Wise, Bold Eagle


Sylvia Pentherst is the fifth woman to marry into the Hunt-Harvester-Cromwell group. A widow in her mid-fifties, she survived years of hardship caring for her invalid husband and raising her three sons. Her now-seemingly-settled life takes a turn toward unpredictable when she leaves the comfort of managing County Hospital Housekeeping for the chaos of opening and maintaining two novelty shops along with Lisa, Jani, Susie, and Stephanie.  Is it really possible to find that second chance at love with Thad Hunt?

Blue Bird of Happiness

 After her mother died, Anne was raised by a loving father. She’s always led a sheltered life, even after entering college.  Now she’s grown up.  An opportunity to spread her wings arises but…Will she soar?  Or, will she land?  Is home really where her heart is?
Once the golden boy, Dan is the first to acknowledge the blessing in his remarkable recovery from a fiery automobile accident.  But, the abrupt departure of the girl he hoped to be ‘the one’ left scars and uncertainties that haunted him during and after his recovery. Then he met Anne.  Innocent, sweet Anne. Does he dare try love again?