My autobiography published in 1993 by SoHo Press, the year of the 500 year flood.  I was asked to write about modern life on a modern farm from a modern woman's point of view. So I did.

Dino was published in 1993 by SoHo Press.  As my autobiography, it is a true story and my only book length non-fiction effort.

Posted on the front page of Publishers Weekly "Charming, well crafted account of a woman who copes with personal tragedies and natural disasters with buoyancy, a sense of humor and a deep commitment to a quintessentially rural lifestyle."

Kirkus Reviews reported,  "A woman's journal of days on a central Missouri farm reveals a life of incredibly endless work--and devotion to the land that amounts to modern-day pantheism. A vivid diary of life on the family farm today."

I attended book signings in St. Louis, Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Washington, Missouri, and in my hometown of Hermann, Missouri.

There were also fantastic articles written about Dino in the Kansas City Star and the Washington Missourian.   I also was given an interview with Fresh Air Radio.

Launching Dino was quite an adventure for this bedazzled farm girl.  Now, more than 20 years later I am as proud of Dino as I was the day I walked into that first book signing in Columbia, drenched from a rain shower I resembled a drowned two-legged something.  My dear friend Paulette (known in Dino as Paula), my sister, Kathy, and my son, Jack, along with another dear friend's daughter, Stacey, attended that first signing with me. It was one of the most memorable days of my life.

In 2002, I purchased the last remaining copies of Dino from SoHo Press.  I still have a few which I will autograph and sell to those who ask.  Remember, these are new copies, most never even been opened and exclusive to my autograph.  It will cost you $2.00 and the price of shipping.  If you want a copy contact me through